Tracking and Accident Detection in Automobiles Using GPS and GSM Technology


  • Zainab Mohammed Khamis Al-Balushia MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE



ATmega328P microcontroller, GPS, GSM, latitude and longitude, and accident detection Smart System


This paper describes the design and development of an automatic tracking and accident detection (ATAD) system in automobiles. Oman rated as the highest causality in road accidents among GCC, according to figures released by the World Health Organization (WHO). Lack of proper reporting about the exact location add delay in paramedic unit to reach, results the loss of precious human life. The proposed single-board in-vehicle embedded system equipped with the SIM28M GPS to get geographic coordinates, SIM800 GSM modem to send the Google map link as text message, SW-420 vibration sensor to sense the collision, and the ATmega328P microcontroller as core processing unit. The vibration beyond the threshold level, say during collision is detected by the vibration sensor and this information is transferred to the microcontroller. The microcontroller gets the latitude and longitude from the GPS receiver. This coordinates send as Google map link through the GSM modem to the concern persons whose mobile numbers are stored in the memory. This text message directly loads the exact location in Google map instead of searching the location using the coordinates. This saves a precious time and victim may receive the immediate medical attention. This ATAD system serves as a complete portal to exchange information such as, real-time navigation of vehicle location, monitoring of collision, update of geographic coordinates on-demand or at regular interval and fuel shutdown using servomotor on command in case of theft.


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Zainab Mohammed Khamis Al-Balushia, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE




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Khamis Al-Balushia, Z. M. (2017). Tracking and Accident Detection in Automobiles Using GPS and GSM Technology. Journal of Student Research.