Design and fabrication of unmanned ground surveillance vehicle


  • Mohammad Khalfan A'amir Al-Habsi MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE



UGSV, self-lifting, surveillance, robot, camera


Unmanned ground surveillance vehicle is a remote controlled vehicle used to survey the required environment at any terrain condition. The main objective of this vehicle is the Self Lifting mechanism that lifts itself when the vehicle has encountered a “topple” which is triggered by the user far away from the vehicle. This UGSV not only can save manpower but also ensure the operation of surveillance being well performed. Due to the limitation of manpower and the fixed camera positions, using surveillance is different from the traditional patrolling system. The Unmanned Ground Surveillance Vehicle which can be able to maneuver automatically to a wider range and record the monitored image within a predefined patrolling route to improve the performance of the traditional patrolling system. Besides, UGSV can be connected to the mobile device, Laptop at anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, the vehicle can be remote controlled by user to move to the position to get the indoor image we want. The AV-CAM is also mounted on the proposed robot to record the images and transmit them back by radio waves.


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