Design and Development of Hardware system for Virtual keyboard projection on planar surfaces

  • Amina Salim Al Affari MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
Keywords: GUI, Key Board, Touch Screen, Planar Surfaces


This work provides a new smart projection frame (IPS), which authorize uncovered finger touch group on normal planar surfaces, with one projector and one camera. The test of detection finger touch identification is recovering the touching facts just from the 2-D image catch by the camera. In this system, the graphical user interface (GUI) catch is expected at initial glance and is distorted by the finger when press it, and there is a large positive relation between the button’s twisted and the finger’s position to the surface. Therefore, this project suggests a new, fast, and strong calculation, which exploits the catch distortion to determine the touch activity. The present keyboard used keys structured keyboard for typing in light of the computer. These keyboards are chipping away at the mechanical push level. In anyway, for the small tools like cell phones and tablets it is hard to carry large console with them. The touchscreen basis keyboard to reach in such tools is very poor designed to formation in light of the fact that the measure of individual’s finger is huge and the extent of the keys on the touch screen is little. So, writing chip away at the small tools is not useful and on computer our fingers get torment in the wake of doing long time typing work as a result of mechanical vibration of the keys. This work is about a virtual keyboard on any planer surfaces for convenient touch action. The Region of interest extraction is through a Homography mapping which is used to reduce the computational complexity of the work.

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Amina Salim Al Affari, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE

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