Android App Controlled Bluetooth Robotic Vehicle

  • Sa’adah Saleem Al-Jabri MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Fatma Saif Al-Habsi MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • A. Jamaludeen A. Jamaludeen MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
Keywords: ATmega328P microcontroller, Bluetooth technology, MIT App Inventor, Smartphone, Robotic Vehicle


The objective of the present work is to design and develop an android app based user interface to control a robotic vehicle using wireless bluetooth technology. The entire system consists of carefully selected replaceable low-cost components to meet the rugged industrial environment. The proposed single-board in-vehicle embedded system is equipped with the HC-05 bluetooth model to interact with microcontroller and android app, dc gear motor and L293D motor driver to control the kinetics of a robotic vehicle, and ATmega328P microcontroller as core processing unit fixed on self-designed chassis. The back-hand design for the android app is developed using open source called ‘App Inventor’ developed by MIT and suitable to develop app without Java platform. The in-vehicle electronics hardware is developed around the ATmega328P microcontroller and bluetooth module is interfaced with microcontroller through the UART protocol to exchange the data with android app. By pressing remote button developed in the android app the direction of the robotic vehicle can be decided. The major advantages of this proposed design is, minimum version of in-built bluetooth smartphone is used to install the developed app and wireless bluetooth technology offers zero communication cost. Moreover, this robotic vehicle can also be utilized other application such as, exploring the toxic area, detection of explosive landmines, multipurpose surveillance vehicle.

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Sa’adah Saleem Al-Jabri, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
A. Jamaludeen A. Jamaludeen, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE

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