Analytical study of technology enhanced learning in Arabic Language in primary level education in Government and Private schools of Oman

  • Tahani Rashid Hamed Al Jabri Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College
  • Prakash Kumar Udupi Middle East College
Keywords: Education technology, E-learning, Arabic language learning, Smart education, Mutimedia based learning, basic education in Oman, Interactive media, Educational Applications


Education technology is one of the key application areas of Multimedia during these days. In the early stage, technology-based learning was limited to only those educational institutions which could afford it. But in this era of information technology, it became very important to incorporate various means of making the learning process more interesting and engaging not only in the higher education sector but also in school level.

One similar application of the above context is defined in the proposed project which is the design of the educational application in Arabic for the children of age group 3-5 years in Al Ajial private school, Oman. This application is the solution or the problems and learning difficulties suffered by children in school. This educational application can influence how to learn basic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics and in a way to learn high- level skills such as organization and time planning, abstract thinking, and the development of long memory or short-term and interest in school and subject. This application will also be easy to use to the students in terms of the allocation of their subjects and materials required. I chose this project through continuous research for all schools and suggested my idea to some schools.

This research paper will also critically evaluate various existing systems available for the same purpose. This paper will also provide the result of surveys and interviews conducted among the staff members of the various primary school, both in Government and Private sector. The critical evaluation includes results of various literature study along with a study of various features and their comparison result of which will draw some conclusion. As a result of this research paper, we will find a more effective solution and requirement specifications for the proposed project.

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Author Biographies

Tahani Rashid Hamed Al Jabri, Middle East College


Vikas Rao Naidu, Middle East College

Programme Manager, Department of Computing

Prakash Kumar Udupi, Middle East College
Programme Manager, Department of Business Studies

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