Role of Interactive Multimedia in Environment Awareness

  • Imad Kamil Al Jadawi MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • VIKAS RAO NAIDU Middle East College, Oman
Keywords: Interactive media, Mobile Application, Environment Awareness, Educational videos, Smart technology


Role of media in Environment Awareness is very significant. These days, social media has become one of the most common platforms to spread awareness on various aspects of the environment. Then it can be about the climatic changes or it could be about the ecosystem of the country, people must be aware of the habitat, in which they are living and nurturing. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Oman, plays a vital role in this. It is responsible for weather monitoring and forecasts apart from the study of various nature reserves and animals which are becoming extinct slowly. This paper will evaluate various readily available means in order to raise awareness among the public. The result will be helpful to draw a framework with the help of which we can develop an appropriate system by using some multimedia tools. Apart from this, this paper will have a review of some existing projects and literature in the same area. Based on the findings, the authors will be suggesting the development of a mobile-based application for regular updates on the environment and its assets.

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VIKAS RAO NAIDU, Middle East College, Oman
Programme Manager, Department of Computing

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