Analyzing mobile based application using Montessori method in Oman


  • Asma Thani al Mawali Middle East College
  • Vishal Dattana Middle East College
  • Buthaina Omar Al Hashemi Middle East College
  • vikas Naidu Middle East College



This paper presents an overview of learning by an interactive media. In childhood the children can learn faster and absorb knowledge and new information. The Montessori Curriculum is the best method for children to learn because it depends on tools, sensoria and experiments. The Montessori Method has many resources and tools to do experiments. The client of this research is Whay Al-Hikmah Private School has these resources and they are used in the class room. However, when the children go back home, they can’t revise and repeat these experiments because they do not have the necessary tools. children like to use electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers. As a reason an educational application will be an easier way and an interactive media to assist children to gain knowledge and learn different kind of information and also to do these experiments in interactive media.


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Author Biographies

Asma Thani al Mawali, Middle East College


Vishal Dattana, Middle East College


vikas Naidu, Middle East College




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al Mawali, A. T., Dattana, V., Al Hashemi, B. O., & Naidu, vikas. (2017). Analyzing mobile based application using Montessori method in Oman. Journal of Student Research.