Knowledge sharing and dissemination in Higher Education Admissions Center, Oman

  • Amal Al Busaidi Middle East College
  • Prakash Kumar Udupi Middle East College
Keywords: Knowledge, Knowledge managment, Knowledge sharing,


Knowledge management (KM) is used essentially in HEAC (Higher Education Admissions Center) to increase productivity and efficiency. Many organizations tend to use the principles of KM practices to review the details of using the concept of KM in admission center. This research based on evaluation of KM in Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) that will help to review the strategies, which lead to improve current situation of work in HEAC.

The major focus in this research is about the usage of Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination in HEAC "Data Exchange Portals",  that successfully change the perspective of people and the intellectual workflow that will make the enterprises to have sharing of information using technology. The use of KM concept facilitates the admission center that will help to add value to the HEAC services. The reason for choosing the higher education sector in Sultanate of Oman is that they require a lot of assistance to deal with thousands of student's data and different institutions. The research approach can exercised uniquely, if there is implementation of KM used as the tool for sharing data.

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Amal Al Busaidi, Middle East College
Prakash Kumar Udupi, Middle East College

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