Cyber Threat Intelligence and its Role in Proactive Incident Response


  • Husam Hassan Ambusaidi Middle East College
  • Dr. PRAKASH KUMAR UDUPI Middle East College



Cyber Attacks, Intelligence, Proactive, Incident Response, Malware, Viruses, worms,


Every day organizations are targeted by different and sophisticated cyber attacks. Most of these organizations are unaware that they are targeted and their networks are compromised. To detect the compromised networks the organizations need a reliable source of cyber threats information.  Many cyber security service vendors provide threat intelligence information to allow early detection of the cyber threats. This research will explore different type of cyber threat intelligence and its role in proactive incident response. The research study the threat intelligence features and how the threat feeds collected and then distributed.  The research studies the role of cyber threat intelligence in early detection of the threats.


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Author Biographies

Husam Hassan Ambusaidi, Middle East College


Dr. PRAKASH KUMAR UDUPI, Middle East College




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Ambusaidi, H. H., & UDUPI, D. P. K. (2017). Cyber Threat Intelligence and its Role in Proactive Incident Response. Journal of Student Research.