Pavement Temperature Prediction Model for Oman Climate Condition

  • Amani Al-Kalbani Middle East College
  • Siham G. Farag Middle East College
Keywords: Pavement temperature, SHRP, LTPP, regression model


Asphalt pavement is form an integral part of any transportation system. Temperature is the significant factor that effect on the performance and life span of a pavement. This paper study the relationship between the air temperature and asphalt pavement temperature and using Excel in order to predicate surface asphalt pavement model for Muscat climate. The models were compared with the standard models SHRP and LTPP models [3]. The development models resulted the surface pavement temperature was taken more time in heating cycle than air temperature. When compared the air temperature and surface asphalt pavement temperature with the standards models SHRP and LTPP models. There was difference between them due to the standards models was design for low temperature under zero where in Muscat temperature cannot be under zero [2].

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Author Biographies

Amani Al-Kalbani, Middle East College
Siham G. Farag, Middle East College
Senior Lecturer at Middle East College , Civil Engineering department

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