Reduction of Ultrasound Imaging Artifacts

  • Sumesh EP Middle East College
  • Kauther Saleh Mohammed Al-Saqri Middle East College
Keywords: Artifacts, Medical image, Wavelet transform, Image processing


Nowadays, with the development of medicine and medical equipment, medical imaging has become an important part in health care sector. Doctors can diagnose diseases using medical imaging without making cut/wound in the human’s body; ultrasound is efficiently used because of its low cost and non-invasive nature and produces good quality images. However, artifacts are a common occurrence in an ultrasound display such as degraded, ambiguity, resolution etc. These artifacts affect the diagnosis accuracy. Thus, artifacts reduction in medical image is essential. In this paper, we describe and study medical image’s artifacts reduction techniques. Different image enhancement techniques for removing different types of artifacts without losing the fine details are studied to produce enhanced images. These reduction techniques are implemented using Matlab. The main objective of this project is to improve the quality of the medical images in order to help doctors to make better diagnosis decisions. This proposed work is expected to be very useful and efficient to use.

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Sumesh EP, Middle East College
Kauther Saleh Mohammed Al-Saqri, Middle East College

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