Fingerprint based exam hall ticket system

  • Sumesh EP Middle East College
  • Sara Issa Ali Al-Balushi Middle East College
Keywords: fingerprint, raspberry pi3, MySQL database


Fingerprint Based Exam Hall ticket Systems are best solutions for universities, colleges and schools. This system is help faculty in reduce the proportion of cheating by entering only authorized persons into exam hall instead of using ID card and help the students in Identify their seats number and knowing the exam module name. Used fingerprint scanner has memory, which can store up to 200 finger print. In addition this system contain database of student information which updated every semester. This system is achieved with the use of fingerprint module, raspberry pi3 and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) module. When device is switched on to use, student will ask to scan his/her finger, the scanned image will be matched with the stored image to check if its match or not using optical algorithm, the code of fingerprint will be sanded to the SQL database of the raspberry pi.

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Sumesh EP, Middle East College
Sara Issa Ali Al-Balushi, Middle East College

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