Smart E-Learning System Architecture based on Cloud Computing


  • Jawaher Ahmed Mohammed AL Busaidi Middle East College
  • Muhammad Hayat Middle East College



With the advent of new technologies, companies and academic institutions are striving to keep pace with the advancement in Information and Communication Technologies and to streamline the way to manage or upgrade their IT resources. Cloud Computing provides an alternative solution to achieve these objectives within budget. A number of colleges and universities all over the world are implementing cloud infrastructure to reduce the IT operational cost and increasing the effectiveness and convenience of educational services. Cloud computing can play an important role in the education sector in providing ubiquitous access (anytime, anywhere, independent of device) to the learning material. This approach provides a new way to design and manage IT resources in an efficient manner not only by increasing the user’s productivity and hardware utilization but also decreasing infrastructure cost through virtualization. This research paper presents a smart e-learning system based on cloud platform in delivering and sharing e-learning resources. The authors also discuss the features of the smart E-Learning system over the traditional system and propose architecture of smart e-learning system for the education institutions.


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Author Biographies

Jawaher Ahmed Mohammed AL Busaidi, Middle East College

Student, Department of Computing,

Muhammad Hayat, Middle East College

Faculty, Department of Computing



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AL Busaidi, J. A. M., & Hayat, M. (2017). Smart E-Learning System Architecture based on Cloud Computing. Journal of Student Research.