Role and Importance of IoT in the Smart City and E-Governance

  • MUHAMMAD SAQIB Middle East College, Muscat, Oman
  • Nadia Al-Muqrashi SEU, Middle East College
Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT), E-Government, Smart City, Services


In the recent years, developments growth have been rising in utilizing of recent technologies; Smart cities have been furnished with various electronic devices concentrated on the Internet of Things (IoT) to be more smarter than before. The Internet of Things is empowered by various emerging technologies such as smart cameras, sensors, wireless communication devices etc. Smart cities are huge systems connected with countless sub-systems, and these systems are depending on the electricity to move the human, things, and data to share information. Without electric power and Internet of Things, the smart city cannot be achieved and services cannot be provided. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive concept of IoT, the smart city as well as the relationship of Smart Cities to IoT. Moreover, an extensive review of the relationship of IoT to the smart city discussed with few instances of services provided by the government using IoT technologies for the citizens. Therefore the objects and applications which come under the IoT technology that can be used to meet the objective of having a smart city. In this paper, a thorough literature on the concept of IoT with Smart City and a brief comparison of it in terms of services, challenges, and issues are discussed. Also the discussion on the issues faced by service providers with regards to technologies used to equip the citizens with up to date services.

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MUHAMMAD SAQIB, Middle East College, Muscat, Oman
Senior Lecturer & Program Manager

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