Development of Sustainable Concrete using Ceramic Waste as Partially Replacement with Cement


  • Kiran Kumar Poloju Middle East College Muscat Oman
  • Haitham S. Darwesh Middle East College
  • Mohammed Alaa Tabanaj Middle East College



ceramic waste, sustainability, concrete, Oman, environment


Nowadays in developed and developing countries, disposal of ceramic waste is becoming one of the major problem. According to varies research done on the ceramic waste, the percentage of waste generated from the production is about 15-30%, further to the waste introduced from the construction field. In addition, reuse or recycle of ceramic waste is negligible. In this research an attempt was done to reuse the ceramic waste in concrete, the cement was partially replaced with the ceramic waste with proportion of 10%, 20% and 30% from the cement weight for M25 grade concrete. The ceramic waste was collected from ceramic factories as well as from construction sites. The results illustrate that the compressive strength of the concrete with ceramic waste is greater than the compressive strength in the conventional concrete. The main advantages of reuse ceramic wastes as a building material are reduce the cost of concrete (economic factor) and minimize environmental impact (environmental factor).  This is one of the alternative method for implementing the sustainable concept in the construction field


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Author Biography

Kiran Kumar Poloju, Middle East College Muscat Oman

Authors belongs to Civil Engineering Department, Middle East College



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Poloju, K. K., Darwesh, H. S., & Tabanaj, M. A. (2017). Development of Sustainable Concrete using Ceramic Waste as Partially Replacement with Cement. Journal of Student Research.