Use of Ceramic Powder in Concrete - Strength & Durability Properties

  • Kiran Kumar Poloju Middle East College Muscat Oman
  • Abdullah Tahir Middle East College
Keywords: Ceramic Waste Powder, Industrial Waste, Cost Effective, Green Concrete


Ceramic wall tiles are used as building material in the field of construction. Manufacturing of ceramic tiles require different raw material like clay, potash, dolomite, feldspar, talc and different chemicals like sodium silicate, sodium tripoly, phosphate (STPP) in ceramic production. In the ceramic industry, about 15%-30% production goes as waste. These wastes poses a serious threat to the environment by polluting the habitant and agricultural lands. Therefore using of ceramic waste powder in concrete would benefit in many ways in saving energy & protecting the environment. The cost of deposition of ceramic waste in landfills will be saved. Raw materials and natural resources will be replaced. Which indirectly helps for reducing the greenhouse gas (co2).There is a large amount of carbon dioxide released in the cement production. In this research study the (OPC) cement has been replaced by ceramic waste powder accordingly in the range of 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% 40%, & 50% by weight for M-25 grade concrete. The wastes employed came from ceramic industry which is in Rusayl (Muscat, Oman) industrial area. Based on experimental investigations concerning the compressive strength of concrete, the following observations are made:

(a)    The Compressive Strength of M25 grade concrete increases when the replacement of cement with ceramic waste up to 30% by weight of cement and further replacement of cement with ceramic powder decreases the compressive strength.


(b)  Concrete on 30% replacement of cement with ceramic waste, compressive strength obtained is 26.77 N/mm2and vice-versa the cost of the concrete is reduced up to 13.27% in M25 grade and hence it becomes more economical without compromising concrete strength than the standard concrete. It becomes technically and economically feasible and viable. It is the possible alternative solution of safe disposal of ceramic waste. Reuse of this kind of waste has advantages economic and environmental, reduction in the number of natural spaces employed as refuse dumps. Indirectly, all the above contributes to a better quality of life for citizens and to introduce the concept of sustainability in the construction sector.

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Kiran Kumar Poloju, Middle East College Muscat Oman
Authors belongs to Civil Engineerign Department, Middle East college

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