Pseudo Random Bits Generation Using Chaotic Functions

  • Ajitha 3ZWbNS sukumaran Mec
Keywords: PRNG, Logistic Map, Henon Map, Encryption, Decryption, Cryptosystem, and Chaos.


The telecommunication development technologies especially mobile and internet networks had extended the demand of information transmission. This results as a challenge to protect the information from the attackers. These require advanced encryption systems to protect the information during transmission. Cryptography is a basic information security measure that encodes messages to make them non-readable. During last two and a half decades, several studies of chaos based on cryptosystems had been developed. An application of discrete chaotic dynamical systems in pseudo random bit generation (PRBG) has been widely studied recently. In each study, proposed a separate pseudo random generation for a particular map running side-by-side in one of them or proposing a hybrid chaotic system used two different maps. The PRBG is generated by combining then comparing the output of both chaotic maps.  This report will show the previous studies done in the different ways to generate pseudo random bit. Methods will be discussed in details for the algorithmic formula done for each system and what logical operations done for combination and comparing the output for each.The generated chaotic sequence is implemented for encrypting and decrypting the image and text message

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Ajitha 3ZWbNS sukumaran, Mec

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